Monday, September 1, 2008

Blue Wing

Blue Wing

monotype print with Chine collé
. 6"x8"

This matted and framed original is for sale here


Penny said...

hi! wow! you've got an amazing talent! great work if i wish i have this talent too..its always nice to express your feelings through arts..keep posting! more power!

linda said...

hello, I adore your art...and your garden pictures of flowers are also a favorite!

happy to meet you (BC)

Patti said...

Hi Grace:
I saw you in my 'neighborhood' on Blogger and have been wandering amid the art, flowers and incredible writing on your blog. I really love your artist's statement, it makes me think, deeply. Also, makes me realize I need to update mine:)
Come visit soon and I'll do the same... love your art!

Grace Lee said...

Hi Penny,Linda, and Patti,
Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for the positive feedback.
It's going to be a great day!

cat said...

The colors in this piece are great!!Nice print!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful - so layered and subtle.

Grace Lee said...

Hi Cat and Quirky,
Thanks for your comments!

Caf said...

Beautiful! I love your style :)

Philip said...

Very beautiful work.

Sadia Hussain said...

Love the colors you've used. Beautiful art work.