Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Faux Encaustic Workshop

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a three day workshop with artist and teacher Barbara DePirro, a Golden Working Artist. The workshop, Faux Encaustic, was all about techniques to create the look of encaustic painting with acrylic medium, gels and paints instead of pigmented hot wax. The hot wax painting is very toxic, so creating the look of encaustic with acrylics is highly appealing. Barbara is a very dedicated artist and concerned about health and the environment. Along with the painting techniques she taught us how to properly dispose of our used rinse water and when to use protection with toxic products.

Barbara DePirro

There were a number of people from our area, the North Olympic Peninsula, and a few from out of the area. Everyone had fun learning and creating with Golden products.

Happy workshop participants, Diane Franchini on the left and Mary Franchini on the right, Mary was the driving force (with Sequim Arts) to bring Barbara and this workshop to this area.
Mary works with mixed media, collage and acrylic paint. Her work can be seen here.

Barbara Boerigter creates conceptual found object sculpture, handmade paper and collage. Her art can be seen here.

Karin Anderson works with collage, mixed media, and acrylic. Her artwork can be seen here.

Ryoko Toyama creates with watercolor and
mixed media. Her art can be seen here.

Arlene Mraz does very unique artwork using watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and pen and ink. She uses a "No mistakes, No Rules" approach to her paintings. The Pike Place Market in Seattle is where she sells her art, see it here.

Coming soon: Some of my experiments using the techniques I learned in this workshop.