Friday, October 19, 2007


Sun Showers

Here in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of rain mixed with sun at this time of year. The leaves are turning brilliant golds and scarlets. This piece, done quite awhile ago, reminds me of today.
This is a monotype print with chine collé elements added as the print was pulled. A note card with this image can be purchased here.


Jan said...

Good job on keeping up the posting, Lee. It's nice to see the "new" stuff on here. I see you expanded your self description too. (I think.)

cat said...

I just love your use of chine colle in your prints!!
I've never tried it, but would like to sometime.

austin said...

"My goal is to create stunning contemporary work that speaks to the soul."

.... how it does, how it does. It is almost as if the sun itself is crying OR bending down for those below it to offer a bit of comfort for growth, for nourishment, for life. Girl, you blow me away, you really do.

Although I love your other works THIS ONE is by far my absolute favorite.

Austin of Sundrip